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A Trip to the Park

December 16th 2009

Logan Utah

Nicole's day began with a ‘surprise’ shopping trip to Salt Lake City with her dad; at least that is what she thought was going on. Her trip had an odd delay as her father pulled into a shopping center parking lot just north of Salt Lake.

She was greeted by an RCIA agent who opened her door called her by name and asked her to step out of the car. (it is worth noting that she had not previously meet any agents involved in this event.)

Her father then stepped out of the car handed the agent a bag Nicole’s mother had packed, then turned to his daughter and said, “Have fun!” He got back in the car as the agent helped her into his car for the drive to what she thought would be her destination.

Salt Lake City

A bewildered Nicole was driven to the Salt Lake Airport. Our Agent then handed her an envelope that contained her boarding pass for a flight to Orange County, California.

At this point she knew at least who she would be seeing later that day as her boyfriend was visiting friends in California.

Orange County Airport

Nicole was met by another agent in baggage claim, taken to a waiting car and whisked to the grounds of the Newport Beach Temple. After a brief tour of the grounds with a lot of building anticipation for where Mike would be waiting, she was informed that he was not on the grounds and they would now be proceeding to his location


The smile that grew on Nicole’s face as we pulled into the parking structure was radiant. Her two escort security detail then led her into Disneyland Park, up and down Main Street USA, and up to the Main Street Station of the Disneyland Railroad. Nicole was then escorted by her detail and park personnel to Walt Disney’s Presidential Car the Lille Belle. Mike was already inside and waiting on one knee ring in hand. (Picture of this Magic moment to the right)

She did say Yes, and they are now happily married.

Presenting the Ring
Exiting the Lille Belle